Statistics for Bachelor Students  
As Bachelor student, you will be taking at least one Statistics course during your studies. You will be taking several courses if you major is one of the fundamental sciences. All your studies will be related to Statistics, if this is your area of concentration.

Also, you will be required to do homework, assignments, research projects for your Statistics and Statistics-related courses along with writing research papers.

Some of the statistics topics that as Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business Administration or Bachelor of Arts you will have to learn and apply during your studies are:

Probability Frequency Distributions
Correlations Variation
Probabilities Regression analysis
Hypothsis Tests Random variables
Seminars Research projects

I will tutor, coach and guide you when you do your homework, course projects, research papers, articles, posters, thesis, dissertation that make use of the above statistical topics and any other topics on your request.
I work remotely and in-person, online, via Skype, email. I accept any type of project and any type of work. There is no project that is too small or too big for me. I always meet my clients’ deadlines.
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  • My PhD in Statistics coupled with my background in Physics, Atmospheric and Earth Sciences, numerical modeling and my business consulting experience provide you with a 360 degrees approach to any Statistical problem;
  • I work with you individually, I develop a solution tailored to your unique needs;
  • I am tri-lingual: I can tutor and develop a solution for you in English, French, Spanish;
  • Having a mix of academic and business experience (over 2 decades), I can tackle any academic or business application that you need developed;
  • I have worked with applications in both theoretical and applied Statistics, so I can develop applications that are either theoretical or applied to a business problem/need;
  • I have authored 15 academic articles published in peer-reviewed journals and I am a reviewer at 5 North American journals of Statistics. I know what your reviewers are looking for in your academic work;
  • I have 5 years of full-time tutoring experience tutoring dozens of Bachelor, Masters and PhD students and consulting businesses on an ongoing basis;
  • I develop unique and actionable solutions for businesses making use of my two decades of academic and business experience in Canada and internationally

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