How It Works  
All work is quoted per project. A free initial consultation is available, if needed, before I start working on your project. The aim of such consultation is to make sure that we are both on the same page when it comes to the requirements you have towards the project and what you expect to get as a result of my work on the project.

For me to be able to quote you on your project, please email me the following information:

Academic work: dataset, deadline; mention statistical method and software you need to use Academic research work: dataset, research objectives, deadline; mention the software you need to use Business analysis: dataset, analysis goal, deadline; mention the software you need/want to use
While we can have an initial chat on the phone/Skype, it is important for me to see the requirements and the dataset to be able to produce a proper quote for the work. I offer free quotes, so it will not cost you anything to email me your information and get a quote.

Whether you are looking for tutoring, data analysis, data mining, coaching or guidance, I need to have the above-mentioned information to be able to produce a quote and to be able to assist you in reaching your study / work goal.

I am available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and afterhours as well as holidays and weekends Eastern Standard Time to quote you on a project or to answer your question by email. I am available on the phone and Skype. I always answer my emails and return calls within 24 hours. I am available for a face-to-face meeting in Scarborough during week days and weekends and holidays. Contact me to schedule an appointment or use this button. For meetings elsewhere in GTA, please contact me and suggest a place and time suitable for you. I will get back to you with available options.

Confidentiality and copyright  
My communications with you (my client) are strictly confidential by default. If you require, we both can sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement that I provide you with at our first meeting or at any time on your request. Being mutual, this agreement protects both you and me, thus once signed neither I nor you can disclose the nature of the business or any details to third parties. You retain the rights to the data and analysis produced as a result of completing the project.

Work on your project  
Once we agree to work together, I perform the analysis and produce a detailed report. All pertinent explanations will be provided in the report together with the statistical analysis. To make sure you learn and understand what was done, I offer a 2-hour tutoring session, face-to-face or via Skype/phone. During this session, I will explain what was done and answer any questions you may have. If you have further questions, you can always contact me later on.

If you are looking for coaching, guidance, tutoring as to how to solve a problem or do an assignment, please note that prior to me being able to coach / guide / tutor you to solve it, I need to solve it myself (your professor too takes time to solve each assignment prior to presenting it to you during class). This takes time that is comprehended in the quote.

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I accept the following forms of payment:

Email transfer Company cheques Personal cheques Direct deposit Cash

I require 50% prepayment; the rest is due upon completion of the work. Urgent work is charged 100% upfront.

Request your free quote using the form above or contact me directly:

Skype: hgedgar
Phone: (647) 965 - 8359