Group tutoring  
How it works

When I tutor a group of people, I prepare specifically to discuss the concept(s) you need help with. These tutoring sessions are tailored to the specific needs of each group member and to the level of knowledge of the group members: novice, intermediate, experienced user.

A group face-to-face tutoring is an excellent way to challenge your knowledge of Statistics and discover what you know well and where you need to focus your learning effort. Often, we are not aware that we do not know something until someone else touches on the subject. This is what other people in the group will help you to do. You not only learn what you wanted to learn, you also learn what you were not aware you did not understand well enough to be able to use it in your studies.

Another advantage of group face-to-face tutoring is the ability of the tutor to draw diagrams and demonstrate concepts graphically in an unrestricted way. Regardless of how advanced your or my computer is, there is always a limitation/restriction as to how clearly I can draw a curve, discuss a formula or explain concepts that require visuals to be better understood. This learning method is the best and the most effective for students to really learn and understand Statistics.

As a result of such training, you will understand Statistics, you will be able to apply the concepts to solve assignments, conduct an experiment, collect and analyse data, write a research paper, and successfully research, write and defend your thesis or dissertation at any level. For group face-to-face tutoring, I meet clients in public places such as a public library or a café. I can also visit you on your business premises.

Please note I do not visit clients at their home or receive them at my home for tutoring

Prior to a tutoring session, please make sure that you have supplied me (via email or a hard copy) with the material you are working on.

This can be requirements towards the project you are working on, the dataset and/or a list of topics you would like to learn.

I need to have these materials 24 hours prior to the tutoring session.

My rates are:

$50 CAD / person / hour for a group of 2 people
$60 CAD / person / hour for a group of 3 people
$70 CAD / person / hour for a group of 4 people
$80 CAD / person / hour for a group of 5 people

I charge only for the time I spend with you during the tutoring sessions.

I meet clients in public places such as a public library or a café or your company’s office.

Please note I do not visit clients at their home or receive them at my home for tutoring.


Tutoring sessions  
I offer my clients 2-hour tutoring sessions. 2 hours is sufficient time to discuss in detail at least one statistical concept and to answer the immediate questions you may have.

At your request a session can last 1 hour or 3 hours or longer if needed.

I am available 7 days a week from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m.

I am available on weekdays, weekends and holidays.

I can meet you anywhere in Scarborough.

For meetings elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area, please contact me by phone or email to schedule an appointment.

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I accept the following forms of payment:

Email transfer Company cheques Personal cheques Direct deposit Cash

I require 50% prepayment; the rest is due upon completion of the work. Urgent work is charged 100% upfront.

Request your free quote using the form above or contact me directly:

Skype: hgedgar
Phone: (647) 965 - 8359